INTERNATIONAL FRIENDSHIP DAY | Episode 88 | Weekends With PsorPhil

The bond of friendship is special and holds a significant place in everyone’s life. The relationship amongst members of the psoriatic disease community gradually developed over a period of time during which they share their happiness and sorrows with each other. Friendship with a person suffering from psoriasis means acceptance. It is an act of affirmation of the person, a person of value being created in the image of God and is worthy of being treated as equal. The love and support for one another, make a person living with psoriatic disease worthwhile. And these friends lead the global and regional organizations of the psoriatic disease community to give patients better lives.

As the world celebrates International Friendship Day, let us listen to the stories of our guests, Silvia Fernández Barrio from Argentina and Tran Hong Truong from Vietnam together with our very own Founder and President of PsorPhil, Mr. Josef De Guzman. Hosted by Paul Mendoza.

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