SALAMAT DOC PART I: MY DOCTOR, MY HERO | Episode 74 | Weekends With PsorPhil

Do you have a doctor who understands your shortcomings or lack of resources but still do their job to assist you? Do you have a doctor who makes you realize the difference between proper treatment and self-medication? Do you have a doctor who gives hope and encourages you when everything seems to fall apart? Do you have a doctor who makes you feel comfortable even if you’re in a very agonizing pain? Or, do you have a doctor that you consider as your number 1 superhero because of the selfless dedication to help you?

Yes, doctors like these do exist. They may have no cape but they got you covered from any possible harm; no shield or armor to fight but they do everything to protect you; or they don't have any special powers, but they’re doing extraordinary things beyond their profession. Just like the line from a famous superhero - “With great power comes great responsibility”. That is why doctors have a huge responsibility in saving lives and power to better the well-being of the people. Here in Psoriasis Philippines, as a community of patients, doctors are our real-life superheroes. Our guests on Saturday are PsorPhil’s - “Doctor of the Year” awardees because of the exemplary service they contributed in transforming the lives of the psoriasis patients. Join us as we hear an awe-inspiring stories from Dr. Roberto Manlapig and Dra. Lyra Laconico-Tumalad about their outstanding commitment and exceptional duty as superhero doctors for many of us.

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